Kennel Club

Only the Best Care For Your Beloved Friend

Pawsome Care Guaranteed!

Every dog parent faces this dilemma: finding a safe place where their fur baby is showered with love and care when they can’t be there. Entrust your fur baby to us, where they become family. With love, care, and maybe a few extra belly rubs, we promise a home away from home.



Need someone trusted and experienced to look after your dogs while you are away? Scouts Kennel Club offers a deluxe boarding facility for your beloved pet. Our temperature-controlled and monitored facility ensures your pet is safe and comfortable.

$40 per Dog per Night

General Bathing

Don’t let your pet’s hygiene get neglected while you are busy or away! Let your furry family member enjoy a head-to-toe hygiene session. You can book this as a stand-alone service, too.

$25 per Dog

Deluxe Bathing

Let your pet indulge in a spa-like experience! Our deluxe bathing pampers your furry friend from head to paw, including a nail trim.

$45-50 per Dog

(Includes Nail Trim)


Are you yearning for a well-behaved and happy pup? Our training sessions at Scouts Kennel Club go beyond commands. Tailored to your dog’s needs, we foster obedience and joy, creating a lasting bond between you and your furry companion.

$1,500 (May Vary)

Pet Transport

Need a ride for your pet? We’ve got your pet’s journey covered, too! Our safe and comfy pet crates make sure your pet travels stress-free. This service is free to all Cherokee County residents. For those outside the county, pricing is tailored to your location.

Looking for a Trusted Pet Care Facility?

It feels like entrusting a family member—finding a pet care haven. With us, it’s a deluxe vacation for your fur baby, where they enjoy a comfortable and safe stay, play sessions with other furry boarders, and enjoy ultimate pampering. Rest assured, they are taking a vacation of their own and enjoying it as much as you are.

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